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Government 2301 Judicial Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Government 2301 Judicial Project - Essay Example He as made some land mark decision for example, on 17th January 2006, he dissented with Thomas Clarence and Scalia Antonin in Gonzalez v. Oregon, which held that the act of controlled substance doesn’t allow the attorney general of the U.S to stop physicians from prescribing drugs that will assist in suicidal for the terminally ill as the Oregon law permit, the issue was the interpretation of the case. Robert received a senate confirmation vote of seventy eight against twenty two. Clarence Thomas graduated from the law school in England. Thomas was appointed as an assistant Attorney general in Missouri and also practiced private law their. He was appointed as assistant Civil rights secretary at the department of education. He joined the U.S court of appeal for Columbia circuit in 1990. He has taken a judicially conservative perspective trying to uphold what he perceives to be the original meaning of the constitution. He was among the three judges who dissented in Hamdan V. Rumsfeld. In this case he was also the only one who conquered with the fourth circuit that congress had the power of authorizing the president’s detention of soldiers. Thomas received fifty two votes to forty eight. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg is an associate justice in the Supreme Court. He appointed in was in 1993 and received. Prior to Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg appointment to Supreme Court, she had served as a federal judge for thirteen year in the U.S court of appeal of Columbia. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg has spent a bigger part of her career as citizenship status of men and women’s advocate. Not only did she also engage in advocacy as a volunteer lawyer but she was also a member o board of directors for ACLU and also its general counsel. She was the one who administered the oath of office for Al gore in 1999. Ginsburg is the second woman to be an associate judge of the US supremacy court. She has had many health problems over the last mainly, early last year she was diagnosed

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Research Design and Methodology Essay Example for Free

Research Design and Methodology Essay Method of Research This Study will use the Experimental method of research.The experimental method involves manipulating one variable to determine if changes in one variable cause changes in another variable. This method relies on controlled methods, random assignment and the manipulation of variables to test a hypothesis. The researchers decided to use experimental method because it is the most suited kind of method of research for our Investigatory Project which is involves creating a new product. Respondents of the study The respondents of our study are the 1st year students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez School Year 2012 – 2013. The researchers decided to use the 1st year students because they are the youngest among the high school students, proving that they are the ones that are most obedient and cooperative students. The researchers used 5 neighbor are chosen as respondens. Locale of the Study The study was conducted at the Roosevelt College Rodriguez, in the high school department. Roosevelt College Rodriguez is a private non-sectarian high school which is located at Manggahan, Rodriguez Rizal. It was established in 1962 and it is one of the branches of Roosevelt College System. It is a three-story building which has 53 well-ventilated and well-lighted rooms. Roosevelt College Rodriguez has facilities like elderly care rooms for the care giver course. It has also fine laboratories namely three computer laboratories, in which each has approximately 25 computer units. One highly maintained speech laboratory which contains 40 cubicles and one equipment and apparatus. The school has its own air conditioned resource learning center (library) with several books that can help the students in doing researches and home works. It has an audio visual room (AVR) to be used for meetings, small sized events and presentation of videos to the students. A function hall was built recently that serves as a venue for different events/programs, seminars conducted inside the campus for the whole year round. Roosevelt College Rodriguez also has facilities like a  canteen, covered walk, basketball court, herbal garden and a wide school ground that were highly maintained and can assure the security of the students. Being managed by our beloved directress, Mrs. Carmencita V. Alcantara, Roosevelt College Rodriguez has passed the PAASCU level 1 status accredited private school and is now undertaking and complementing requirements for the level 1 PAASCU accreditation. Research Instrument The research instrument that the researchers used is a questionnaire which was made by the researchers. The questionnaire consists of 5 different questions all concerning our product, the Spinanggay Cookies. The questionnaire will be answered by checking 1 of the boxes that corresponds to the following Excellent – 5, Very Satisfactory – 4, Satisfactory – 3, Failed – 2, Poor – 1. Procedure: 1. Preheat the oven to 375 °F/190 °C 2. In a medium bowl, combine flour, salt, and baking soda. To reduce lumpiness, sift through a sifter or sieve. Gently mix these together, then set the bowl aside. 3. In a large bowl, beat the butter and sugars together, then beat in eggs and vanilla. The coarseness of the sugar granules will help break the butter down, so be sure to do these first. Then add the eggs and vanilla and mix again until completely combined. 4. Slowly add the dry ingredients from the medium bowl to the wet ingredients in the large bowl, and then add spinanggay powder. Pour some of the dry ingredients, stir, and repeat until the dry and wet ingredients are totally combined. 5. Drop spoonful of cookie dough onto a pre-greased or a lined baking sheet. Leave at least an inch of space between the cookies because theyll spread out when they cook. You can usually fit 12 cookies on a full-sized cookie sheet at a time. 6. Bake for about 9 to 11 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and let the cookies rest on the p an for 3-4 minutes. Seventh, using a spatula, lift cookies off and place onto wax paper or a cooling rack. Let cool for about 5 more minutes. Last, Eat when hot and steamy or cooled and slightly crisp. Experimental Design In gathering the data for our research, we conducted a survey on the 1st year students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez. The â€Å"table of random numbers† was used to identify the 30% of the 1st year students which was going to be our respondents. Before conducting the survey we passed a copy of our questionnaire to our teacher to validate the questionnaire. To conduct the survey we went to each section of the 1st year and handed out the questionnaires and a piece of the Spinanggay cookies. After answering the questionnaires, the questionnaires were returned to us for the tabulation of results to make a conclusion. Statistical Tools Weighted Mean We will use the weighted mean to rate and get the results of the questionnaire that will be given to our respondents and to make our study accurate. Table 1 represents the tally of the respondents’ answers together with the computed weighted mean and the verbal interpretation. Question 1, earned a weighted mean value of 3.00 interpreted as satisfactory. This suggests that the spinanggay cookies tastes good and the respondents liked the Spinanggay Cookies. Question 2, got a weighted mean value of 3.00 weighted mean value in table 1. It is interpreted as Very Satisfactory, showing that the respondents find it easy to observe the taste of the Malunggay and spinach while eating the cookies. Question 3, obtained a weighted mean value of 3.00, and interpreted as   Satisfactory. This shows that the respondents think that the Spinach and Malunggay tastes good when mixed together. Question 4, got a weighted mean value of 3.00, and interpreted as satisfactory,implicating that the respondents think that the Spinanggay Cookies is not too good but is good enough to sell in the market. Question 5, earned a weighted mean value of 3.00, and interpreted as Satisfactory,implicating that the Spinanggay Cookies may be as good as the commercially sold cookies.  Based on the table 1, the product is acceptable. The respondents particularly liked the taste of Spinaggay cookies. The taste of spinach and malunggay may be observed easily as it was the one with the highest weighted mean value, with 3.00 weighted mean. The lowest is 3.00 which correspond to number 4 asking if the product is ready to be sold in the market. It acquired the verbal interpretation of Satisfactory showing that the product is ready to be sold but may still be improved to increase sales if it is sold. 1. Does the Spinanggay cookies taste good? 2. Were you able to taste the spinach and Malunggay in the Spinanggay cookies? 3. Do you think that the Malunggay and Spinach in Spinanggay cookies complement each other? 4. Is the spinanggay cookies good enough to sell in the market? 5. Is the Spinanggay cookies comparable to commercially sold cookies?

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scent of women :: essays research papers fc

The scent of women   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  It is safe to say that most women like to smell good. Perfume holds the power that woman are what they wear. Women’s magazines everywhere show ad after ad about perfume and what she will be able to do once they wear it. However, not all women have the same tastes and interests. In order for perfume ads to be successful, advertisers cannot just use one kind of formula to appeal to attract women. Sporty women compared to high class conservative women probably do not have the same taste in perfume, as would a teenager compared to a 50-year-old woman. Advertisers must use a variety of tactics to sell women’s perfume in order to appeal to the different types and personalities of today’s women.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Many perfume ad campaigns nowadays use simple women doing simple things but clearly enjoying it. The ad campaign for Clinique’s perfume lines is a very good example of this. In the May issue of Teen People, the ad for Clinique’s perfume, â€Å"Happy,† shows a woman wearing a sleeveless turtleneck sweater. Although not clearly shown, the girl seems to have a huge smile on her face but is hidden behind her turtleneck. The caption of the ad says â€Å"Clinique happy.† Although it is a simple ad, it deems as effective toward women. Featured in a magazine targeted to teens, the girl in the ad is young looking, which would relate to teens. As for older women, it would appeal to them as well so they too can feel young and fresh again. Another ad for a Clinique perfume is for â€Å"Simply,† found in Cosmopolitan magazine. The name of the perfume alone, says it all. The ad shows a bottle of the â€Å"Simply† perfume set on top of a table with a woman’s fingertips lingering on top of the bottle. This ad doesn’t even use a woman’s face, which is a different approach from many other perfume ads. The entire ad looks to be of one shade, like a golden skin tone color, which shows a very simple lifestyle. The woman’s fingers show no trace of a manicure or glamorous looking nail polish. It just shows a woman’s bare, yet beautiful hands. Also, the fact that the table used in the ad is made of wood, this shows of simple living. The ad uses wood that reminds readers of nature and not marble and glass.

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The “Steady” Person: A look into my own world

People talk a lot about personality or behavior as if it’s such an uncomplicated and unfussy concept, but they end up having difficulty defining it when asked. They are apt to say that it (behavior or personality in general) is something a person â€Å"has. † They describe the behavioral components of particular people in words like â€Å"friendly,† â€Å"nice,† â€Å"forceful,† or â€Å"aggressive,† to paint a picture of what they mean by the term and as a result end, instead, in vague descriptions of how a person usually behaves with other people.On the other hand, when we base our descriptions on concrete and observable actions that people commonly do or adapt, we come up with what experts call as â€Å"behavioral profile. † There are different styles of behavior as well as there are no right and wrong profile. When we come up with correct profiling, the expected result is that we develop ways of getting to know a more concise and a ccurate picture of ourselves, or people in general. Personality is more than poise, charm, or physical appearance. It includes habits, attitudes, and all the physical, emotional, social, religious and moral aspects that a person possesses.However, to be more precise, the explicit behavioral styles covered in the course, perhaps, best captivate an individual’s personality and how he/she is understood. With the different behavioral styles, an overall pattern of various characteristics is seen. Like a â€Å"psychograph,† a person’s profile is pulled together and at a glance, the individual can be compared with other people in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses. Discussion As a person possessing the characteristics given under the Steadiness Style category, I know and accept that this kind of profile has its strong and weak points.People with this behavioral style, working in the sphere of influence or organization they are placed at present, with the distin ctive blind spots commonly tied with this behavior, will (in spite of its comeliness) also experience certain setbacks, especially if the â€Å"weaknesses† of this behavior are left unaddressed. Strengths of Steadiness Style People under the profile of Steadiness Style are found to be demonstrative, sympathetic, helpful, compassionate, and caring. Unlike the other behavioral styles, these descriptions are common to someone who enjoys people and takes pleasure in working directly with the concerns of individual persons.This is my type. Most of my colleagues and clients find me pleasant. They observe and appreciate the positive traits (strengths) of my â€Å"style. † I have the ear to listen to whatever people would want to say or express. I am naturally a very loyal friend and therefore can be trusted. For me, it is not difficult to work with different people, and thus, I am good at working in a team. My co-workers easily relate to me as we do our work together. Our tas ks in the office are often expedited because of the mutual support we give each other.The positive atmosphere or lack of it in certain places, I observe, is due to different styles, or rather, to the many weaknesses of other behavioral styles. My type of behavior createsâ€Å"lightness† in ambiance, for it is more of other-centered type. It seeks to help and understand. Steadiness Styles go along with others well even when they find certain â€Å"traits† in others which are disagreeable. It is always important to keep one’s composure and to keep the boat calmly sailing. Because of this optimistic outlook that S Style has, people tend to respond in like manner. It begets the same trust, same sympathy, and same support.Weaknesses of Steadiness Style As I have mentioned above, although this behavioral style has its strengths, it also has its weaknesses. In my case, I do not want to disturb the regularity of the condition of my world. I do not want to do things that will somehow upset the status quo. This, I believe, is the main weakness of Steadiness Style. All of the good characteristics of this style might be attributable to this same weakness. In other words, the good points which make Steadiness Style attractive are actually, or may actually be, its way to compensate for its main weakness.From this fear of instability proceeds coping mechanisms which are likeable traits that can actually win people. One of the weaknesses of my style is the fear of risks. Because I do not want to face an unknown future, my tendency is to maintain the security of the present. I do not want to impose certain changes, even when it is necessary, for fear of failure. I am distressed with the prospect of disruptions in my work. If ever there are necessary and inevitable changes that must be taken, I must think them through, create certain schemes/plans, and assimilate the inescapable changes into my world.Steady Style people have difficulty coping with unexpecte d distractions and therefore must always endeavor to maintain poise, constancy, and equilibrium. Another weakness attributable to person with S Style is his/her slowness in decision making. I could not decide alone. I want to include other people – my colleagues – in any decision that needs to be done. To involve people in decision-making process is in itself cannot be called a weakness. There are times when opinions or expertise of others need to be sought to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis of the real situation; these are times when suggestions and advices are priceless.However, to be held back from a crucial and necessary decision, merely because of fear of implementing necessary steps that might be unpopular in initial stages but beneficial in the long haul, is indecisiveness. It is a weakness which I find interwoven with all the good peculiarities of the Steady type. Conclusion Although there might be more â€Å"strengths† or â€Å"weaknesses† at tributable to Steadiness Style, what have been discussed here in this paper is enough to guide and enable one to understand this type of behavior.A systematic profiling of behaviors is designed to assist anybody – employees and employers/managers alike – to gain a better understanding of the differences inherent in different behavioral styles, and so be able, as a result, to work proficiently with other people who are framed with diverse styles of behavior. Remember, there is/are no right and wrong profile/s. Each behavioral profile is distinct and has its combined strengths and weaknesses. Our different styles are just statements of our uniqueness/distinctives on how we opt to do things.When understood properly, these differences of styles can be utilized to achieve excellent ends. If, on the other hand, this crucial understanding of behavioral types is bypassed, it creates a myriad of otherwise preventable problems. It is important that â€Å"blind spots† be p ut into light as in the case of Steadiness Style treated in this paper. It’s difficult to think of this â€Å"type† as having negative sides. According to studies, it is of the four styles, the most people-oriented. How could such a style retain with it bad qualities when it appears to be so â€Å"selfless† in nature?I have given the answers to the question when I pointed out the weaknesses of this behavioral style. With the understanding then that is gained through the discussion in this paper, the hope and prospect of the writer is better working relations with others who do not possess the same style of behavior as the one treated here. Reference 1. ________ Behavioral Styles. (please fill in your source for the file you uploaded here). 2. Bruce, Debra. 2005 in http://www. debrabruce. com/articles/DiSC-behavior-styles. php 3. D'Innocenzo, Len. 2005. in www. crkinteractive. com.

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Racist Commenters on Mark Zuckerbergs Marriage

No one has a problem with interracial marriage anymore, right? Poll after poll shows that public support of these unions is at record highs. The 2010 census revealed not only that interracial marriages are up but also that mixed-race children are the fastest growing group of young people. These days television shows feature interracial couples in storylines where race never causes tension. Altogether that means that interracial marriage is simply a non-issue in post-racial America, doesnt it? Not quite. The online reaction to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerbergs wedding on Saturday to Priscilla Chan is a clear reminder that the country has a long way to go before interracial marriage becomes widely and genuinely accepted. The day after Zuckerbergs nuptials the comments sections of websites reporting the news included several hateful remarks criticizing the couples looks and taking aim at their wealth. Thats par for the course online, though. What really stood out is the series of comments with a decidedly racial bent. On the Los Angeles Times website, a commenter named Waskoman exclaimed, Man, those mail order compaines have some hot chicks!  Just kidding!!! Another, using the moniker Jihadlives, remarked, He married a chank?  Whats up with that? What we have here is the assumption that because Chan has Chinese ancestry she cant be an American. Of course not. She must be a woman Zuckerberg shipped from overseas to be his submissive bride. In reality Chan is far from a mail order mate. Shes an Ivy League-educated doctor who could hold her own without Zuckerberg, but the facts of the situation dont easily lend themselves to racist and sexist stereotypes. The second commenter relied on a misspelled racial slur rather than on a racial stereotype to object to Zuckerbergs decision to marry Chan. On a different note, a third L.A. Times commenter accused Zuckerberg of killing his own kind by intermarrying. Ome-Coatl wrote: Why didnt he marry a nice Jewish girl?I once read a conservative Jewish commentator say that Americas intermarriage culture is destroying Jews more effectively than did the Nazi gas chambers. Perhaps it was hyperbole... or was it? The L.A. Times website was hardly the only one where racist commenters took aim at Zuckerberg and Chan. A commenter named Morney on the gossip web site Gawker applauded Zuckerbergs decision to marry interracially but for completely inappropriate reasons. He wrote, Good for Mark to marry a submissive Asian woman, instead of a spoiled American. Shes not a looker, but this way shell take care of him and raise his kids, while he can still hit much hotter #$!* on the side. Once again, theres the assumption that Chan is not from the United States, as if Asian Americans dont exist. This commenter also assumes because Chan has Chinese heritage shell be content to serve as Zuckerbergs caretaker (instead of the doctor she studied to be) and will be so passive shell be cool if Zuckerberg cheats on her. On Gawker, a couple of commenters tried to show Morney that not all Asian women are passive, but they did so by invoking the Dragon Lady stereotype. Youve never dated an Asian woman have you? commenter Tsol asked Morney. Especially a driven achiever like Priscilla--there is nothing submissive about them. In fact I guarantee that shes the one wearing the pants in that relationship. Theres a reason the Dragon Lady stereotype stills exists. A word to the wise: you dont fight a stereotype by mentioning another stereotype. Just as all Asian women arent submissive, all Asian women certainly arent domineering, so no one can guarantee that Priscilla Chan wears the pants in her relationship with Zuckerberg. As for why racial stereotypes still exist--its because racism still does. On commenters plainly suggested that Chans Asianness makes her a whore. Bet she love him long, long time, a commenter named Really? quipped. Others followed suit, and the scary thing is that a number of these comments received more favorable ratings from other viewers than unfavorable ones. So, who cares if racist commenters dont like the fact that Mark Zuckerberg married a Chinese-American doctor? He could buy and sell everyone of those haters. That may be true, but if people exhibit this level of racial animus concerning a powerful couple they dont even know, imagine how people regard the interracial couples they pass on the street, live next to or are related to? Its also important to note that interracial couples consisting of a white man and an Asian woman are largely regarded as the least threatening of all. Given this, if Zuckerberg and Chans marriage can stir up this much hate, what must interracial couples with a different ethnic makeup endure?

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Suzane Collins The Hunger Games - 2289 Words

Few defining characteristics depict a book appropriate for middle schoolers to be taught in the classroom setting. Literature presented to young, impressible, students must be relevant enough to enrich and intrigue without boring them. Deciding whether children in middle school (7th and 8th grades) should be assigned to read an explicitly violent series such as Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games in class is a matter that has been debated numerous times since the first book came out in 2008. The Hunger Games trilogy is a series where children are annually forced to fight in a nationwide spectacle known as the Hunger Games. Many people believe that middle schoolers should not be allowed to read this at all, much less made to read it in the†¦show more content†¦The often seen depictions of damsels in distress are part of an issue that is seen even in modern literature and media. More often than not in society, men are the ones expected to rescue the women, despite the fac t that women can be just as heroic in not only literature, but in real life. This often discourages girls from being too independent or bold, lest they be socially shunned for being â€Å"boyish.† In her article, â€Å"The Katniss Conundrum: Is She Okay for Kids?† Mary Pols confirms that Everdeen is an exemplary role model for young people. She argues, â€Å"There is so much to admire about Katniss Everdeen. She’s strong, smart and willing to protect her family (mother and little sister Prim) at any cost, even her own life† (Pols). Throughout the books Katniss maintains a headstrong mindset that defines her character, letting her overcome various obstacles. Time reporter Eliana Dockterman emphasizes that people need to realize that the violent, albeit powerful Hunger Games series can educate the young viewers rather than harm them. She makes several good points that the main character, Katniss is a great role model to kids of both genders. Dockterman als o points out that women can indeed be strong and caring at the same time such as Katniss. â€Å"She doesn’t need to be saved. Give her a bow and arrow, and she can take care of herself. In fact, she tends to come to the rescue of men, not the other way around†¦ She has more important things to worry about: like surviving the

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Organizational Behavior of Malaysia Airline - 2352 Words

Satisfactory/ Accomplishment of Malaysia Airlines * Conscientiousness In an airline company, an employee’s self-disciplined determined how the company image would be. Being an employee in the airline company, timeliness served as the most important among others. Every single customer of the airline company would expect the flight to be taken off and reached the destination on time. Hence, the punctuality of the flight pilot and crews plays an important role in the airlines. It could be difficult to imagine how the airline company could serve well if the pilot and crews were not punctual for all the flights. Besides that, the pilot or captain plays an important role on ensuring the safety of all the passengers and crews on†¦show more content†¦The company had gained the profit to cover up the losses. In addition, according to the stock exchange, the Malaysia Airlines Company suffered the high losses due to poor management and fuel price increases. The Board of Director of Malaysia Airlines should have his own strategy to manage it well. The employees felt anxious about the poor management. It is very important to have the better management in the working environment because if the Malaysia Airline Company had the poor management, it means that it has lowest security and poor system. If the system is poor, the drug and illegal weapon will easily to get through to our country. It will bring our country a lot of problem. Apart from that, because of the poor management, it will cause the employee became lazier especially checking the baggage area. * Openness to experience Malaysia Airlines Academy provides the training facilities and expert trainers to train the employee become imaginative, creative, curious and sensitive. The MAS Academy provides the program me of â€Å"Dangerous Good Regulation† to equip the people in the transportation industry with the knowledge of how to transport dangerous good safety, with reference to IATA Dangerous. This is Goods Regulation manual and regulated program. The objective of this programme is to train the learners to identify and classify the nine classes, pack, and mark and label DG correctly, prepare the necessary documentation and to applyShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Behavior Of The Aviation Industry1647 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational Behavior Issues in Aviation BA520 with Dr. Rosemarie Reynolds Joshua Jecha, Zhiyuan Lu, Xinlei Yang 10/1/2014 â€Æ' Abstract The aviation industry, due to its fast paced and extremely performance oriented nature, is an ideal example of how proper organizational behavior lends to the growth, and ultimate success of a company. Often, mitigating operational hurdles and constraints becomes the focus of leadership in this industry as problems such as financial limitations continuallyRead MoreLeadership Analysis of Antony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia1698 Words   |  7 Pagesrated as one of the worst performing airlines in Asia. Several years back, it experienced tragic underperformance and reported high levels of losses every fiscal year. This was until another new company bought the organization. The latter company was referred to as Tune Air. The important element discussed in this content, is how the C.E.O of AirAsia, Antony Fernandes, revolutionized the company to a multi-billion dollar corporation, that is operating global airline services and has managed to set standardsRead MoreMalaysia Airlines Human Reso urce3276 Words   |  14 PagesExecutive Summary Malaysia Airlines Services or MAS is Malaysia national air transport service provider. Starting off in 1947, a small air service with just one twin engine Air Consul and now has become an award-winning airline with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and servicing more than 100 different destinations. Three major human resource issues are being identified including over-supply of manpower and low productivity, discrimination and diversity. These three issues are being furtherRead MoreHofstede S Cultural Dimensions791 Words   |  4 Pagesunderpinned by variables that correlated across nations, not across individuals or organizations. For organizational cultures, entirely different dimensions were found as well. PDI reflects the consequences of power inequality and authority relations in society. It influences hierarchy and dependence relationships in the family and organisational contexts. Thus, in high power distance cultures such as Malaysia, individuals respect their superiors and avoid criticizing them – senior management is dominantRead MoreOrganization Behavior Analysis Report on Singapore Airlines3808 Words   |  16 PagesORGANIZATION BEHAVIO R ANALYSIS REPORT ON SINGAPORE AIRLINES David Liew Weng Fai Ng Wen Tee Valerie Liang Wei Wen Organization Behavior Analysis Report on Singapore Airlines TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Company Background ........................................................................................................................... 3 Organization Structure .................................................................................................Read MoreAir Asia Marketing Plan17846 Words   |  72 Pageswhere it is the leading low-cost carrier, connecting people and places across 132 routes, 40 of which are offered by no other airline. In 2010, the Group, which includes affiliates AirAsia Thailand and AirAsia Indonesia, reinforced its leadership position with two remarkable milestones: flying its 100 millionth guest and breaking the RM1 billion profit barriers. AirAsia’s airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has swiftly broken travel normsRead MoreAir Asia Marketing Plan17833 Words   |  72 Pageswhere it is the leading low-cost carrier, connecting people and places across 132 routes, 40 of whi ch are offered by no other airline. In 2010, the Group, which includes affiliates AirAsia Thailand and AirAsia Indonesia, reinforced its leadership position with two remarkable milestones: flying its 100 millionth guest and breaking the RM1 billion profit barriers. AirAsia’s airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has swiftly broken travel normsRead MoreBranding Satisfaction in the Airline Industry: a Comparative Study of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia10409 Words   |  42 Pagesin the airline industry: A comparative study of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia Kee Mun, Wong* and Ghazali, Musa Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Accepted 23 March, 2011 Brand is crucial in differentiating the superiority of products or services over others. This is an exploratory study examining the differences in brand satisfaction between Malaysian Airlines (full service airlines) and Air Asia (low cost airlines) in Malaysia. 350 usableRead MoreTheories Of Leadership And An Effective Leader1598 Words   |  7 PagesFirst, Skinner patented behavioral theory in 1967 and later on reinforced by Bandura in 1982. This theory focused on behavior and attitudes that reflect the quality of a leader personality, and it is clued that everyone can be a potential leader by a process, not born. It is also emphasized that everyone could develop their effective leadership talent on learning, observing behavior, planning, organizing, controlling and decision making, so that, it will enrich their life experiences on leadershipRead MoreCrew Resource Management Has Come a Long Way but Still Has More to Go2528 Words   |  11 PagesUnited Airlines. The CRM training program was developed with the aid of consultants whose training programs for corporations focused on enhancing managerial effectiveness. Thus, the training seminars conducted using this program focused on individuals diagnosing their own managerial style and management training approaches. The training program emphasized changing individual styles and correcting deficiencies in individual behavior (i.e. lack of assertiveness and authoritarian behavior). The